Interview with Mr.Triambak Sharma


  a magazine editor-in-chief   If you want to be an Established Magazine Editor Or If you want to earn name, fame in Magazine Publishing Industry.   But you worry about how to start as there is no Expert Guidance?..   Don’t worry my friend…   We are here with an expert who will talk … Read more

DDIP-An Exciting Journey-Review-2021


Have you ever wonder that how businesses are using the online (internet) platform to scale their sales and their profit?       Have you seen so many Zomato and other creative advertisements while watching Youtube Videos?     It is all because of the term “Digital Marketing”.     Now you will ask me … Read more

What is Heart| Internal Structure|


    Do you wonder how the human heart works?… Don’t worry in this blog, I will be talking about the Heart, its structure, it’s working, and the conduction of impulses. I am here talking about an actual heart structure, not the one which every other lover is imagining off… or every other Bollywood movie … Read more

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