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Today’s Expert is Mr. Triambak Sharma


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Mr. Triambak Sharma, Founder, and Editor of  Cartoon Watch Magazine, India’s only monthly cartoon magazine. He has been in the Media Industry for almost 30 years now. He loves writing and creating cartoons on the political and current events happening around the World. He is also interested in Motivational and Spiritual areas. He lives in Raipur (C.G)


Recently, He published a cartoon series on “Shrimad-Bhagavad Gita” namely One Cartoon, One Chapter.

Further, Let’s talk with him

Hello and Welcome Triambak!,

Let us begin with How the idea of becoming an Editor originated?

I started a cartoon column in Hindi Daily Navbharat in 1992. Then I got deeply interested in Cartoon Art. I met several cartoonists from different parts of the country. I began searching if there is any Cartoon Magazine exists. I found that there was no Cartoon Magazine in India after the closure of Shankar’s Weekly.

(For Audience – Shankar’s Weekly was India’s first Cartoon Magazine founded by K. Shankar Pillai, Father of Political Cartooning in India, in 1948. He closed down the magazine during the Emergency Period.)

I started gathering old issues of Shankar’s Weekly and that too was a laborious task. Anyway, I succeeded to find the old issues of that great magazine. When I touched the pages of old issues of 1950 and 1970, I felt some energy from those pages started flowing inside me. I always thought of doing something different, which is not done by anybody and I got the signal. I decided not to be an Employee of any newspaper and spent my life doing a boring job. Therefore, the idea of Cartoon Watch magazine and becoming an Editor was originated.

Interesting Story…..


What were the initial hurdles?

I belong to a lower-middle-class family, this was itself the biggest challenge. My father was in service at Bhilai Steel Plant. He was the eldest amongst six brothers and a sister. Investment and risk were a big challenge. Another challenge was to get cartoons as at that time there was not enough source to communicate. Communication was done only with landline phones or via the postal services. I have to ask cartoonists to send Xerox copies of their cartoons or if they send originals, I have to send them back after scanning them for the magazine. At that time, I only knew one cartoonist in Bhilai (Chattisgarh), Mr. B.V. Panduranga Rao and he supported with his cartoons. (Free of Cost).

What are your biggest achievements in your career?

Publishing a Magazine on regular basis with fewer resources was an achievement in itself for me. However, In 2003 I clearly remember when I decided to start Cartoon Festival. I invited Mr. R K Laxman (Common Man) with his wife ( Kamla Laxman) for the first time to Raipur.

(For Audience – Cartoon Festival is an annual festival where Cartoon Watch Family honors Veteran Cartoonists with LifeTime Achievement Award)

Honoring Legendary Mr. RK Laxman was the biggest achievement.

Just Like Adding Cherry on the Cake, The Day I got a chance to meet Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam was a memorable day.

I told him about the Cartoon Festival. I requested him to grace the program with his presence. Surprisingly, He said yes.

In the 2011 Cartoon Festival, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam chaired the program as  Chief Guest and honored 5 Cartoonists for their contribution, which was again a big achievement for me.

Triambak Sharma, Mrityunjayji Sharma, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, Dr. Himanshu Dwivedi


Cartoonists who made Cartoon Watch, what it is Today?

magazine editorial

I never treated this as MY magazine, it is the collective work of all cartoonists in the World. Hence, I gained blessings and work from all the cartoonists. Most of the cartoonists have given their consent to publish their cartoons free of cost in our magazine. I should not forget the contributors who helped during the initial years, I want to take few names such as Mr. B.V. Panduranga Rao, Late Mr. B.L.Wahi, Late Mr. S.R. Tailang, Abid Surti, and many more.

Any other interesting facts about Cartoon Watch?

Cartoon Watch also started political animation series named Sorry Sir on youtube, with dialogues and filmy songs. In 2019, Cartoon Watch Family started the International Life Time Achievement Award from France. Every year, we will select some cartoonists from different countries for this award. Being Editor of Cartoon Watch Magazine, I got an opportunity to represent India with cartoonists from  32 other countries in the meeting of Global Cartooning Forum, held at Town Hall, Paris on 2nd Oct 2019.

Triambak Sharma representing India in Global Cartooning Forum held in Paris


Lastly, what you would like to say to the Aspiring Editors out there?

There is no magic wand like shown in Harry Potter to be an Established Editor or In general to excel in any field. You have to start somewhere without any type of hesitation. You will excel or fail it depends but you will eventually learn how to get things done. Hard work really pays off.







It was such a pleasure talking to you.


Thank You Triambak for sharing your valuable Experience with Us.


Wishing you all the best in your future endeavors.

Happy Reading!

Yash Tiknayat

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