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Are you trying to build a Website but confused about choosing the best option for the Hosting Platform?…

I am here to help you with the best option.

Today I will be talking about one of the affordable yet superior hosting option available in the market.









I, myself use Hostinger as a hosting platform for the website where you are reading this article.

and I am satisfied as a customer with the services provided by the platform.

And I am 100% sure that if you read this article till the end.

You will also get convinced to get Hostinger as a hosting platform.


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Hostinger is World’s leading hosting and domain selling platform.

It is providing services in different countries such as India, the USA, Brazil, Indonesia, Spain, Mexico, and many more.

To provide the best services and tools in their native languages.

It also provides features like free SSL, domain, SSD Storage, and 24/7 customer support.

Today, they provide their world-class website hosting platform to over 29 million users in 178 countries.

Every day, there are about 15 thousand new signups that calculate into an average of one new customer acquisition in every 5 seconds.

Hostinger offers shared web hosting i.e., your website will be surfaced on a server with other websites.

It is a low-cost web hosting plan, mainly for beginners.

It costs you less and is not a very powerful option if you are seriously into business.







Hostinger basically provides 3 options: Single, Premium, and Business plan in hosting offers.



Single Shared Hosting plan provides


  1. Only 1 website support
  2. 30 GB SSD Storage
  3. approx. 10,000 visits monthly
  4. one email account
  5. Free SSL Certificate



Premium hosting plan offers


  1. 100 websites support
  2. 100 GB SSD Storage
  3. approx. 25,000 visits monthly
  4. Free Email accounts
  5. Free SSL certificate



Business hosting plan :


  1. 200 websites support
  2. 200 GB SSD Storage
  3. whopping 1,00,000 visits monthly
  4. Free Email Accounts
  5. Free SSL certificate



VPS Hosting :





Hostinger also provides VPS  (Virtual Private Server) hosting plans.

As named it is a private server-based hosting platform where your website will be live with very fewer websites.

It provides a strong solution for your business website.

It is basically recommended for business owners.

It is a much affordable option compared to other hosting platforms.


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My Personal Experience:


I am using Hostinger as my hosting as well as my domain platform for the last 6 months.

A very happy customer right now.

I got their hand-holding 24/7 customer support.

I bought their single shared web hosting plan as a beginner in the Blogging field.


my hpanel

Hostinger Special Features:


A)  Multilingual Support  (20+):-

Being World’s best Hosting platform and operating in over 178 countries,

Hostinger provides multilingual support in English, Hindi, Hebrew, Indonesian language, Spanish, Mexican, and many more…



B) 99% Uptime Guarantee:-

In basic terms, “Uptime is the time for which the hosting providers can keep their servers up and running without any breakdown”. Hostinger guarantees about 99% of Uptime which is one of the main features.






C) Free SSL certificate:-

With Every plan, Hostinger provides a free SSL certificate.

SSL means Secure Socket Layer which provides an extra layer of security to your website.

It converts your HTTP website to an HTTPS website. Also makes your website more trustworthy to surf for the visitors.



D) CDN and Domain Provider:-

CDN (Content Delivery Network) makes your website speedily fast.

It loads your website at a super-fast website.

Hostinger provides the Cloudflare CDN option with most of its hosting plans.

CDN also provides a security-protected layer from various Cyber Attacks.

Hostinger provides hosting as well as domain services.

To build any website these are the two primary as well as major components.

Without Hosting and Domain, you cannot think of building a website.


Additionally, Hostinger provides hand-holding 24/7/365 customer support.

They can resolve your minor queries.



This image above is the inside of my mail giving a reply to my query within 24 hours.

I wrote to customer support on Jun 1, 2021, and they reply on the same day within the working hours.


Lastly, Hostinger is a very good and reliable hosting platform worldwide.

With their excellent uptime and instant-replying customer support,

I will definitely recommend Hostinger to someone who is looking for reliable hosting as well as a Domain Platform.

Thank You!

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