DDIP-An Exciting Journey-Review-2021

Have you ever wonder that how businesses are using the online (internet) platform to scale their sales and their profit?




Have you seen so many Zomato and other creative advertisements while watching Youtube Videos?



It is all because of the term “Digital Marketing”.



Now you will ask me what is Digital Marketing?



No worries, I will tell you all about Digital Marketing.


1) What is Digital Marketing?


In simple words, Digital Marketing is an amplification of your message.


With the help of Online platforms like websites, social media channels.


You can do digital marketing for any brand sitting anywhere in the world just with the help of a Laptop/Desktop and a superfast internet connection.


However, It takes a lot of consistent efforts and time to build a very strong personal brand


Nowadays, Digital Marketing is the talk of the town as every other business is adapting it to market their products.


Therefore, Everyone should possess this skill in demand.


Now, I will tell you a few about various aspects of Digital Marketing


2) Aspects of Digital Marketing


Digital Marketing in itself is as vast as an Ocean. There is so much to learn in it. I remember one quote that



Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever                                                                                                 – Mahatma Gandhi




 There are various aspects of Digital Marketing, But we will be looking upon the aspects which are in more demand in the market.


After all,



Paisa hi paisa mangta hai Babu Bhaiya, Sab Paise ki maya hai 🙂 HAHA




Now jokes apart, There are 6 serious aspects of Digital Marketing (not necessarily in the same order)


  1. Web Design

  2. Content Writing

  3. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

  4. PPC (Pay-per-click)

  5. Social Media Marketing

  6. Email Marketing



1. Web Design


Web Design is the first and the most important part of Digital Marketing.

If you want to learn and implement the concepts of Digital Marketing,

this will be your Maidaan (playground).

It is preferable if used a domain-based blog,

but if you couldn’t learning is the main purpose.



2. Content Writing

After creating a website, to drive traffic there should be proper niche-related content.

The process of putting up the content or writing articles is known as Content Writing or blogging.

Content includes articles, videos, audio podcasts.

Mostly long-form content is what works.

Excellent content creator prefers and recommends long-form content.



3. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)


This is the phenomenon by which your content is visible to the Search Engines (mainly Google).

There are techniques of SEO – 1.On-page SEO  2. Off-page SEO  3. Technical SEO

Let me tell you this with a story (Just don’t get offensive).

A girl lived in XYZ city with her parents. One day her parents told her to get married. As she attained the age of marriage. So her parents asked does she like any boy?. On that, she said “No” and said I will marry to whom they choose. So Parents called Panditji to look for a suitable boy for their beautiful girl. After few days Panditji comes with some options and described the various qualities of different proposals. Now the parents shortlisted some 2 guys. Now the girl has to take the decision. She made a decision and married a guy. And lived happily ever after.

Here,-  1. Parents – Google  2. Girl – Ranking (Top slot)  3. Boy – SEO optimized content  4. Qualities – On-page and Off-page SEO. (It is for your understanding)

There is more to learn about SEO

To know more:  About SEO


4. Pay-per-Click (PPC)


This is the section through which the Zomato and Other platforms irritate you while watching Youtube videos.

But as a Digital Marketing Enthusiast,

you should get excited to see such Ads as

after learning Digital Marketing you will also running that type of Advertisement Campaigns.

There are two important channels i.e., Facebook and Google

which provide Advertisement running accounts.

These are generally interest, demographic, gender-based targeted ads.


5. Social Media Marketing

Social Media consists of various platforms, which are mainly used by various businesses to target new customers, engage with existing customers, and scale business at a very fast pace. There are many tools to run business-related social media accounts.


6. Email Marketing

Last but not the least, Pure Digital Marketing ki Aan, Baan aur Shaan Email Marketing.

Ye wo Digital Marketing group ka Chhupa Rustam.

What we say it in English “Dark Horse“.

Ye hai Lagaan ka “Kachhra” Jo ki real me Khara sona hai (pure gold).

Email marketing is the strong base of initial communication with your customers or leads.


Further, you will ask me that Yash till now you told about Digital Marketing and its various aspects… And we understood something about it. Also, it seems an exciting and interesting thing to learn.


Where to learn??…


Ruko Jara Sabr Karo, Abhi aage bhi hai 😀



3) Where to Learn?


If I tell you about a course where you will get learning as well as earning cashback then what will be your reaction?..


Excited! Right


This is the program where  I learned about A to Z of Digital Marketing.

Every aspect of Digital Marketing and various other aspects of life.


It will change you from YOU 1.0 to YOU 2.0.


It has transformed me in a better way.


Are you excited to hear the Name of the Program??…


Here it is




Now again you will wonder and ask me




4) What is DDIP? 

ddip internship







ddip full form


DDIP is an acronym for Digital Deepak Internship Program.


It is a tailor-made program curated by Digital Deepak alias Deepak Kanakaraju and his team.


It is a 12-week self-paced program.


Where you learn and implement various concepts of Digital Marketing.


Every week there will be a video and an assignment related to the respective video.


You will get a 30-day window to complete the assignment after which you will get a cashback into your LMS.


But if Unfortunately due to some issues you couldn’t complete the assignment within the 30-day deadline, you will lose your respective assignment cashback.


Now, you will ask, Yash, what is this LMS?.


LMS (Learning Management System) is a platform where every video is uploaded and you have to upload your assignment.


Accordingly, You will get an individual login ID and can create the password for LMS.


Apart from cashback, you will also get access to the community of very helpful co-interns.


And the DD team will also be there to resolve your doubts smoothly.


Every week you will also have fun-filled and amazing Question – Answer (Q&A) sessions with your assigned mentor.


In addition to 12 weeks, you will get access to exclusive bonus weeks.


Digital Marketing Experts Calls exclusive for Interns just as Guest lectures in College.


But, It is not at all boring like college guest lectures that I can assure you.




4) DDIP Flowchart

As we discussed above that it is a 12- week program. These 12-weeks are intelligently structured starting from 1st to 12th week. After 12 weeks you will feel that you didn’t left anything to learn in the Digital Marketing field.


Week-1) Success Mindset

It will change your perspective to an extent to see life in a better way. It will trigger you to a positive mindset. You tend to dump the garbage of your mind. It is like an Ayurvedic Panchakarma treatment for your mind. It removes all the toxins embedded in your mind. It is like if you want to learn something you have to unlearn things from the past and start fresh.



Week-2) Marketing Fundamentals

In this week, you will learn about the existence and evolution of Marketing. How marketing evolves with the medium available. Here you will be learning about the DD’s (Every known person calls Digital Deepak as DD) very popular marketing funnel. Here you hear about personal branding also.



Week-3) Finding the Niche

In this week you will be discovering a niche for yourself. Niche is a specialized area where you have some expertise, knowledge, or learnings. For eg., A Banker has a niche in the Finance Sector. Also, it is not necessary that a banker has a finance niche.He/she may have an interest in cooking so cooking is his/her niche.



Week-4) Setting Up a Website

Here, you will be learning about domain and hosting. How to set up a website?. Content Management systems (CMS) like WordPress, Wix, Weebly, and other plugins used in the backend of a website. This will be your playground to make yourself dirty. Also if you get dirty here, Maa will not scold you, As Daag Achche (productive) Hain



Week-5) Content Creation

After setting up a website, you will start learning about content creation and marketing which is a very necessary thing for you to build a personal brand.


Week-6) Social Media and Networking

For this, I will share my personal experience, Being a Shy and an Introvert Biomedical Engineer, giving a seminar in the final year of my college, I promised myself not to involve in any of the Public speaking activities. But this week, you have to conduct a webinar in your group only. I was very very nervous. But somehow gathered courage and my webinar was done. This made me stood out-of-my comfort zone. For that, I would like to thank DD. As named You will try to increase your network this week.


Week-7) Lead Generation

This is a week where you will create a lead magnet and fetch some leads for your business or I would say playground, Oops I mean the website you created in Week-4 remember. And you will be having hands-on on Kacchra, Dark Horse, Ahha,  I mean to say Email marketing.



Week-8) Facebook Advertisement


In this week you will be understanding the back-end of the Advertisement you usually see while scrolling your Facebook feeds. You will be learning to run ad campaigns and the audience

FB Ads

Image of an ad I ran during the course of the program


Week-9) Google Ads

You will learn the backend of your favorite ZOMATO advertisement that you skipped while watching a Youtube Video.

Additionally, every other aspect of Google Ad.

Week-10) SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

This week will take you through the qualities that should be there in the content to get ranked on the top of the Search Engine. About On-page, Off-page SEO and types of SEO.


Bade Tez ho rahe ho! Story Yaad aa Gayi lagta

Week-11) Deep Marketing Automation

Learning about Marketing Automation will take you to the joyous ride of coding. You will have a small sense of becoming a Coder this week. You will be using the loop and try to automate the emails.


Week-12) SalesmanShip

Apart from Marketing, you will learn how to be a salesman.

DD once in a webinar said “How you convince yourself to not do something. Use that same convincing power to sell products to others

That hit me very very hard deeply

5) Introducing **Captain of the Ship

Till this portion of the article, you have heard a name repeatedly such as Digital Deepak, Deepak Kanakaraju, affectionately DD. Now it is high time to introduce the Captain of the DDIP Ship,


Digital Deepak alias Mr. Deepak Kanakaraju.



The Man always having a mild smile on his face, always cheering, always pushing us lazy lads to move forward,

And motivation to at least get your hands dirty in any of the fields.

He, himself graduated as a Civil Engineer turned Motorcycle Blogger, Digital Marketer, and now Digital Marketing Coach.

He with a partner owns a Digital Marketing Agency, named PixelTrack which caters to 500+ Fortune Clients

Recently started his own company in the name of LearnToday with its subordinate firms as HireToday, ReviewToday.[Will also review them after getting my hands-on :D]

He previously worked as Digital Marketing Manager with RazorPay, Practo, Instamojo, and many more.

His Mission is to create 1 Million+ Digital Marketers in India

His Blogs are knowledgeable ocean where one can deep-dive into.

He is a writer of Edge of Sanity, A Religiously followed Book by STARTUP FOUNDERS.

He is also a TEDx SPEAKER.

He hails from a small town SALEM in TAMIL NADU.


Digital Marketing is a deep-sea to dive-in.

Nowadays, A trending Skill that created a lot of buzz in the Market.

It is a skill that has a huge demand in the current scenario.

What I will suggest is to get your hands on it.

There is no loss in it, you will learn and get benefited from it.

Apply Link: https://surveyninja.typeform.com/to/bhZ6w2m3

To know more about the AUTHOR

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